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Patterns of Personality - Five Elements & The Cycles of Time (PSYCH - 14FACE04)

There are patterns in your birth date that reveal who you are and where you are in the cycles of time. Learning how to identify those patterns allows you to find your hidden strengths and achieve your full potential. Understanding where you are in the cycles of time allows you to be in alignment with the seasons of your life. We all know that seasons change, each with its own purpose. Discover whether it's time for you to rest, plant or grow!

Birth date reading, based in the Five Elements principles of Chinese medicine, is the science of recognizing patterns in time that correspond to certain personality traits, life paths, and personal seasons.


4.5 CEUs:

CEUs available for NDs (except CA, OR)

CEUs available for LMFTs, LMHCs & LICSWs licensed in WA

CEUs available for LMPs licensed in WA

CEUs available for ARNPs & RNs licensed in WA

NCCAOM PDA points pending approval for LAcs

CEUs available for LAcs licensed in CA

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