Jennifer Labbienti, BA is a professional face reader & energy clearing practitioner based in Seattle, WA, with over 20 years' experience in teaching and education.

Her natural aptitude for understanding the patterns of the Five Elements (as applied through energy clearing, face reading & birth date reading) allows her to compassionately guide her clients to improved self-understanding, enabling them to let go of limiting patterns of self-judgment & live fuller lives.

Highly intuitive & empathetic, she has an uncanny ability to read the subtle, energetic dynamics of her clients & the teams with whom she works. She has a particular soft-spot for people who identify as "highly sensitive" & a gift for energy clearing that allows her to help her clients release stress from their lives & move forward in strength.

She has taught courses for a variety of organizations including: Microsoft, Bastyr University's Continuing Education program, Bellevue Massage School, Madrona Family Dental, and Nordstrom.

Her passion is helping people find peace, balance, & ease in their lives.

Jennifer works with individuals, couples, families, professional organizations & corporations.