We offer three levels of Professional Development:


Think of this level as a better Myers-Briggs. More in-depth, more accurate, expansive, and flexible. And, much easier to remember and apply after the workshop! In addition, this system of assessment is based on thousands of years of research and development.

First your team must understand the inner nature of each member, before you can optimize team dynamics.

Workshops include an introduction to the Five Elements system with team member assessment and immediate application.

Align Level Workshops

Level One:

Team Member Assessment

NSK - Inner Dimensions

Level Two:

Team Member Assessment

FR - Outer Dimensions

Level Three:

Team + Member Assessment

Cycles of Progress & Optimizing Growth

At least one Align level workshop is required before moving forward to the Balance & Thrive levels of development. 

We recommend building the foundation to optimize future applications by taking all three Align Level workshops.

Workshop length can be adjusted to meet your needs.


Full-day - each level (6 hrs)


Half-day - each level (3 hrs)


All systems want to be in balance. This level of development allows your team to go deeper into the application of the Five Elements system and apply it to both individual & team dynamics.  

Determine and address the challenges within your team: looking at the interaction of the team as a whole system and each individual within it. We will analyze where and how you get stuck and determine the best path for regaining balance - allowing the system flow & your team to operate at its optimum.

Balance level development

Initial Team Session:

Address any Five Elements questions that have arisen post Align-level workshops. Additionally, we will assess your team's flow and where team members and/or processes are getting stuck.

Individual Sessions:

The first team session is followed by one-on-one sessions for each team member to assess and address their own strengths and challenges.

Collaborative Assessment:

After each team member has completed an individual session, Balance level development concludes with a collaborative team session including an interactive assessment to enhance future work flow & system balance.

Balance level development sessions vary in length per size of the team and can be adjusted to meet your needs.


Initial Team Session:

1-2 hours

Individual Sessions:

20-30 minutes each

Collaborative Assessment:  2-3 hours


Customized to your team's specific goals, this level of development utilizes the Five Elements system to work with your team on a variety of organizational functions: interpersonal development, project assessment, effective management, planning, long-term goal setting & short-term solutions.

This is high-level application of the Five Elements system to optimize your progress as your team, projects, and organization evolve.

thrive level customized optimization

The options here are endless, endlessly interesting and entirely unique, based on your current evolution as an individual, team, and organization.

We look forward to creating a valuable experience for you.

Align Balance Thrive workshop pricing is based on the size of the team and duration of the workshop.

All workshops include materials and a one-hour post-workshop follow-up session for your team (via conference call, Skype, or in-person if available).

Please contact us for more information.

We look forward to working with your team!

So much useful information! I know this will help us recognize that many of the challenges we face are really opportunities to make things better.
— Align Level - DDS Office - Madrona, WA