Utilizing the wisdom of the Five Elements principles of Chinese medicine, we help you return to your natural state of balance so you can live your best life.

We access & apply the Five Elements principles using the following methods:

Face Reading

What if you could be seen for who you really are?

Face Reading based in the Five Elements principles of Chinese medicine allows your inner nature to be seen & understood.

There are patterns in your facial features that indicate your natural state of being, what you've experienced, your personality traits, emotional struggles, & patterns of behavior.

Being seen for who you really are is an amazingly freeing experience. It allows you to make peace with yourself, so you can move forward with confidence & live in your strength.

Self-understanding & acceptance allow you to live in alignment, which is the key to living your best life!

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Birth Date Reading & Cycles of Time

What if you had your own personal Farmer's Almanac to guide you through the seasons of your life?

There are patterns in your birth date that reveal who you are & where you are in the cycles of time.

Identifying those patterns allows you to find your hidden strengths & achieve your full potential.

Understanding where you are in the cycles of time allows you to be in alignment with the seasons of your life.

We all know that seasons change, each with its own purpose. 

Discover whether it's time for you to rest, plant, harvest, or grow!

Energy Clearing

What if you could easily let go of the stress in your life?

What if you could gently help your system regain balance & move through your life with ease?

Our lives have become so hectic that most of us are living in an out-of-balance state & considering it normal.

Most of us don't even realize how far we are from a state of ease until we take a moment to be still.

Clearing is a gentle & effective method of releasing stress & limiting thought patterns that no longer serve you.

It is a wonderful method of self-care, especially if you identify as a highly-sensitive person.

If you feel you are often overwhelmed & adversely affected by the energy of others, clearing is a gentle way for you to release that charge & allow your system to be at peace.

In addition to personal clearing, your environment can be cleared.

Space clearing removes the negative energy from where you live & work, which allows you to thrive!

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Team Building

Every team functions best when it understands each member's strengths & challenges - whether it's your team at work or your "team" at home.

Using the principles of Five Elements you will gain great insight into where your team may be stuck & why it may not be functioning at its optimum capacity.

Through professional development workshops & group sessions, you can unlock your team's full potential.

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