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Introduction to Face Reading - Utilizing the Five Elements Principles of Chinese Medicine

This course is both a great introduction and a great refresher for prior students!!

Face reading, based in the Five Elements principles of Chinese medicine, is the science of recognizing patterns in facial features that correspond to certain aspects of our inner natures.

Knowing how to read the faces of the people in our lives – family, friends, clients, or colleagues – can offer us valuable information to enrich our relationships. Knowing how to read our own facial features can help us better understand ourselves.

Imagine having deep insight about your clients’ inner natures, before you read their intake forms. Every relationship functions best when each person’s strengths and challenges are understood, whether at home or in the work place.

This introductory seminar will teach you how to identify those patterns in yourself and others.


This course is being held at Bellevue Massage School as part of their Continuing Ed program for LMPs.

LMPs earn 5 CEUs. 


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