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Five Elements of Energy Clearing – Regaining Balance (PSYCH - 15FIVE02)

  • Bastyr University 14500 Northeast Juanita Drive Kirkland, WA, 98034 United States (map)

Many cultures have traditions of clearing. Energy clearing, based in the Five Elements principles of Chinese medicine, is the practice of letting go and allowing your energetic system to regain balance. You can utilize clearing to improve all aspects of your daily life.

Clearing is an incredibly gentle method of releasing stress and limiting thought patterns. It also removes the emotional charge we experience in certain situations, environments, and relationships. Clearing is especially effective for those who self-identify as being highly sensitive.

Every relationship functions best when each person is in balance, whether at home or in the work place. We all know how easy it is for our energetic systems to get out of balance. The wisdom of the Five Elements system of Chinese Medicine is that it is based in the understanding and observation of the cycles of nature: all systems have a natural flow, including our own, and want to be in balance.

In addition to personal clearing, your environment can be cleared. Space clearing removes the negative energy from the spaces in which you live and work. You will learn how to clear emotional disturbances, adverse effects of technology, and disturbed Earth energies.

This seminar will teach you how to identify and release limiting patterns and stuck energies. You will learn to clear yourself and your environment so you can easily find peace and allow your system to be in balance. Let go of what no longer serves you, so you can live your life in balance and thrive in the flow of your life.